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1. He’s Coming Again
2. There’ll Never Be a Giant
3. Lord, I Want to Be a Blessing
4. Wouldn’t Change the End
5. She Gets Another Prayer Through Again
6. His Hand Reached Further Down
7. Obey the Spirit of the Lord
8. That’s Right Where He’ll Be
9. The End of Time is Near
10. Judas Kissed the Door
1. The One in the Water
2. I Want to Be Like My Lord
3. I Know Him
4. When Jesus Turns My Prison into My Shouting Ground
5. I Shall Not Be Moved
6. Teaching Me to Fly
7. I Am So Blessed
8. We Are Christians
9. Thank God for Preachers
10. Jesus They’re Offended at Your Name
1. Jesus Is Mine
2. Thank You Lord
3. Resurrection Ground
4. Two Shoes
5. Just a Little Talk With Jesus
6. It’s Still The Blood
7. The Unseen Hand
8. It’s Been Worth Every Mile
9. Must I Go An Empty Handed
10. Bucket at the Well
11. Will Jimmy Make it Home
12. I’m Bound for that City
13. Tears Will Never Stain
14. Cry For The Children
1. Daniel Prayed
2. God’s Already There
3. Pray For Me
4. Child of The King
5. Surely I Come Quickly
6. It’s Under the Blood
7. Onward to the Goal
8. What All the Shoutin’s About
9. Jesus Picked a Rose
10. Beulah Land
1. I Believe
2. It’s Not Long Until Forever
3. It’s Just About to Begin
4. I’ve Found a Faithful Friend
5. God’s Word Will Stand
6. I Wouldn’t Take Nothing for my Journey Now
7. Farther Along
8.News from Heaven
9. Land of Promise
10. The Last Song

Archie Watkins 


Smokie Mountain Reunion

Live at Trinity Baptist Church

1.  I’ll Fly Away
2. That Glad Reunion Day
3. He Set Me Free
4. My Saviors Love
5. Heavens Jubilee
6. Kneel at the Cross
7. Everybody Will be Happy Over There
8. Sweet Hour of Prayer
9. Just Over in the Glory Land
10. When We All Get to Heaven
11. The Gloryland Way
12. Let the Lower Lights be Burning
13. Love Lifted Me
14. When God Dips His Love in My Heart
15. Old Campmeeting Days
16. A New Name in Glory
Soundtrack of “Hymntime!”
1. Shoutin’ Time in Heaven
2. One Day
3. Flow Through Me
4. God’s Word Will Stand
5. Revelation Happy Home
6. I Want Us to Be Together in Heaven
7. I’ve Got My Foot on the Rock
8. Longing for Home
9. Oh What a Happy Day
10. Worthy is The Risen Lamb
Soundtrack of “Worthy”
1. He’s Pouring Out Blessings
2. He Will Remember Me
3. I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You
4. What a Wonderful Time
5. I Have Not Forgotten
6. The Gospel According to John
7. On The Sunny Banks
8. He’s On The Throne
9. Wish I Could’ve Been There
10. If You Only Knew
Soundtrack of “Pouring Out Blessings”
1. Another Chance for God to Move
2. That’s Just God Doing What He Does
3. I’ll Not Turn My Back On Him Now
4. Looking To Live
5. They’re Holding Up the Ladder
6. At His Feet
7. Heaven’s Mine
8. He Knows You By Heart
9. My Lord’s Been Walking
10. Amazing Grace
1. Two Shoes
2. He Lives in Me
3. While the Ages Roll On
4. Joy on the Other Side of Jordan
5. Jesus is Hope
6. Will Jimmy Make it Home
7. Be Looking for Me
8. The Son Rose
9. Between Here and Sunset
10. Rock of Ages
1. Touring That City
2. It’s Still the Blood
3. Beulah Land
4. Thank God I’ve Made It
5. More to Go to Heaven For
6. The Lights of Home
7. Cry For the Children
8. I’m Taking a Flight
9. A Wedding Invitation
10. The Solid Rock

Going Home For Christmas

1. Christmas is for Everyone
2. Going Home for Christmas
3. The Wonder of Wonders
4. I Wish We Could Keep Christmas
5. O Holy Night
6. This is the Christmas Story
7. Good News
8. Silent Night
9. Christmas at Calvary
10. Beautiful Star of Bethlehem



'Going Home for Christmas - Live in Atlanta!' DVD

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